Thursday, 5 June 2014




Mary had no idea that today she was going to be caught in the middle of an international drug bust.

In fact, the entire drug deal and drug bust took place swirled around Mary so professionally that the dealers, the cops, the feds and whatever else they had were all totally gone before someone asked Mary if she was a cop or an intelligence officer or what.

Ignorance was, in fact, bliss.

Who knew that the action movie of the year was seen, not in the cinema, but out in the parking lot? Only Dominoes employees, Cinema employees and one FLOGG reporter (you know, out of the legions and legions that we employ worldwide) were witness to it. There will be not repeat performances, although, it’s a pretty good bet that there may be sequels in the making as we speak.

Around 4pm this afternoon, a joint task force moved in on a group of suspects that they had obviously tracked and followed from off island to this point. The FLOGG was a surprise witness to the arrest. The suspects including at least two black St Lucians and one whitish kinda looking guy who could be Arab or Latin or you know, like dark white people…

That foreign looking suspect was very calm and smiling during the arrest. He had obviously been through worse than this in the past.

And one of the suspects looks like an acquaintance of mine. I know we ain’t close, bro, but I really hope that’s not you. I am going to be quite relieved if and when I see you tonight by the block.

The law enforcement team, which consisted most of black officers, some of whom were still distinctly foreigners and a few females, who were used to infiltrate the suspects ring, had one vehicle parked near the suspects’ vehicle and others parked throughout the Cinema parking lot as well as by Mega  J.

Once the first wave of officers got the suspects on the ground, another wave of officers ran across the parking lot, while other vehicles sped into the lot, delivering even more back up.

Notably, one white officer in plain clothes video recorded the entire action movie slash legal proceeding.

Officers conducted what looked like a deliberately methodological (in fact, quite surgical) arrest, quietly dispatching each suspect in what seemed like separate vehicles. They seemed to commandeer at least one of the suspects’ vehicles toward this purpose.

And all of this happened while Mary was thinking, “My friend is not going to be long upstairs, I wonder if I have enough time to go by Rituals?”

The bust may indicate that in spite of tensions between the US and St Lucia on security matters and sanctions against St Lucia on security training, the US has, in fact, no choice but to ‘co-operate’ (i.e. use the skills, resources and assets that they invested) with the Royal St Lucia Police Force.

Either that or someone in Europe is pretty determined that they don’t  want a cocaine lajijit to hit America and Europe, using St Lucia as its tou bonda.

I’m sorry. Did I say tou bonda? I meant, gateway.


  1. Love the end bruv. You got me with that tou bonda. The FLOGG never disappoints

  2. how do you know female officers were used to infiltrate the 'ring'? how do you even know that it was a drug bust? how do you know it was international? There are plenty of people with lucian citizenship who are 'dark white people' as you so eloquently put it...