Wednesday, 4 June 2014


(Disclaimer: Let us be clear that Kenny Anthony and Alva Baptiste did not make the foreign service wasteful and corrupt. They merely keep it that way, learning from such accomplished predecessors as Rufus Bousquet and the legend Charles Fleming.)

Just when you thought the government was actually cutting public service spending, the prime minister seems to be signaling that everything is just fine by hiring more useless people and not firing ones that he has confirmed are corrupt.

This week, The FLOGG has confirmed that the prime minister walked away from the scandal ridden mission in Martinique, where a political appointee at the highest level has been found selling St Lucian visas to Haitians and other unfortunates, under the table.

“Officially, the prime minister was in Martinique for a meeting with business people,” said a foreign ministry source, “but this thing has been rocking the mission and it had to be a top priority for him.”

In spite of overwhelming evidence of a great deal of cocomakerie involving a pastor, shady dealings and the exploitation of a whole lot of victims who will do anything to escape the misery of life in Haiti (among other places), the prime minister did not take decisive action and left the impression he would not.

“When he got back home, the staff at the mission was saying he said he couldn’t deal with it without consulting Alva first.”

A prime minister who can’t deal with a clear cut case of corruption without consulting a subdordinate minister?  Hmm…Kenny must be losing his touch. That sounds more like Stephenson King, bound and gagged by his allegiances to Rufus Bousquet, Richard Frederick, Guy Joseph, Allen Chastanet and the rest of the Sith who brought Flambeau to the Dark Side and kept it there.

How did Kenny get into this position?

One sexy theory says that when New Labour (Leo Clarke and them) finally overthrew, I’m sorry retired Old Labour (Tom Walcott and them), they inadvertently created some that is referred to as Newnew Labour (Jimmy Fletcher and them).

New Labour wanted one person to head up the Martinique mission, but Newnew Labour wanted someone either more professional or prettier. After all, you can’t not have a masters’ degree and expect to be ugly on top of it. That’s not going to work. Newnew Labour picked their favorite and after much wrangling, the two sides decided that the only way forward was to hire both people in the middle of a goddam recession. Now, one of them has fulfilled all expectations and embarrassed us in Martinique by acting like a fake ID salesperson, using the mission as a front for their small time con job.

Much of the inefficiency and redundancy plaguing the current ruling party comes down to the unwillingness  of the two factions to accommodate each other and the inability of either side to make the other heel like a good dog.
In the meantime, St Lucia continues to grow a reputation as an international relations jamet, fucking anything with money and status and continuing to sell our national identity on the side.

Wow. I said all that and have not begun to deal with Mrs Clarke. Maybe next time.


  1. Don't ever stop writing and telling it like it is, no matter whose toes you step on in the process. Although, some of them toes are attached to feet that are halfway down the gullets of their owners...ah well, plod on, plod on...

    1. That's so graphic. I'm stepping on their toes. But their foot in their mouth. Which means that my foot is also in their mouth. Why is exactly where I was aiming....if only because I don't like to get poop on my shoes...