Sunday, 29 June 2014


People want to know if we’re starting a revolution by naming names, creating fantasy cabinets and igniting a discussion about a future with Labour and Flambeau.

We are not starting a revolution. There’s going to be a least one more election of LAB-FLAM before the real organizing of St Lucia’s new political  reality takes hold. In fact, in the historic sense of the word, there will be no revolution. Just a bunch of people changing their mind about the role of Labour and Flambeau  AT THE SAME TIME.

We are not starting a revolution.

We are just thinking a thought.

We are thinking about a St Lucia that has no need for the two political parties that have robbed us, betrayed us,  mamaguyed us, raped our island’s resources and its economy and stunted the growth of entire generations of Neg Marron.

It’s a beautiful thought. Think it with me.

Think about the people  who are currently in politics who, in five years, should be relegated to Trotsky’s dustbin. Think about all the people we would be better off without:


ALLEN CHASTANET: I mean, we’re being ridiculous. This is never going to work. If the United Workers Party cares about St Lucia,  they will get rid of the fast talking,  free-wheeling big spender and find some leadership that we can respect. No one will ever have confidence in this person we’re promoting as a future prime minister. Not even his own daddy. We have to take this guy off the list of options that St Lucians have if we truly want to rescue St Lucia.

KENNY ANTHONY: We don’t even have to get into the current state of the economy. I was there when Kenny Anthony promised to do only two terms. I was there when that the first term limits came into force  for a Labour Political Leader and Deputy Leader. But Kenny Anthony broke his promise to deliver term limited democracy to the Neg and I will never be able to forgive him as long as he remains in office. Wrap it up, buddy. Time to go.

GUY JOSEPH: How did this guy even get into politics in the first place? Oh right. It was Kenny Anthony’s fault for not listening to THE WHOLE DAMNED WORLD when they were telling him to call the elections in 2005. So he and his creator Kenny Anthony can both go to the same place.

RICHARD FREDERICK: See above.  And then dress in sack cloth, sit in ashes wailing and gnashing your teeth, lamenting your evident God-forsakenness.

ALVA BAPTISTE: He sounds good, but he doesn’t taste that great and he’s very fattening. Not good for the health of the government at all. Alva Baptiste is the fakest, most empty social democrat ever.  If he was a real  communist, he would have been promoted to head of government in China long ago. As far as I’m concerned,  they can have him, because he’s spending a whole lot of money doing the country no good whatsoever..

MUSA: Fail. Epic fail. Put a trained agronomist to run the agriculture and you expect at least incremental progress. Instead, it’s just fail after fail. Musa’s failure to restore Neg Marron agricultural power and independence is the most fundamental stumbling block to the success of the Labour Government and the progress of the nation of St Lucia.

VICTOR LA CORBINIERE: Don’t worry. He eh never winning an election. When Kenny goes, he’s going, Leo’s going, a whole species of loyalist nonsense will just flush down the drain.

EDMUND ESTEPHANE: Da mun still deh. Aaaa-A! Anyway,  with no Marcus Nicholas, we need some kinda entertainment in the House of Assembly,  right? So maybe Estay can hang around a little longer. I mean anyone who can make Harold Dalson look like a Shakespearean orator has to be worth something. Lol.

LENARD ‘SPIDER’ MONTOUTE: Ever heard the cautionary tale of a guy with good intentions who got into politics and became just like THEM?  Politics isn’t spiritual but you better have your spirit well defended, because in politics, your friends will do your soul more damage than your enemies.  You will become embittered, angry, self-interested, selectively blind,  goal-oriented to the point where the goal is more  important than the general  well-being. In the end, the good guy turns out to  be one of the worst of the bad guys. In fact,  he’s better at it than most of the guys who were just bad guys in the first place. Evr heard that story. Ask Spider about it. He knows that story all too well.

EZEKIEL JOSEPH: File under “Useless.”

RUFUS BOUSQUET: Of all the people on this list, there is only one that you need to take active measures against. The rest of them will either expire or self-destruct,  some more  fabulously than others. But Rufus Bousquet, he’s something different. No matter how many times you kill that cockroach, it just keeps coming back, laying eggs in the media, getting all into your stash and not just taking some, but polluting what he leaves behind. Politics is a thing where the best men take support from the worst. And Rufus Bousquet is the master of supporting the people that he wants to usurp. When you have a guy like Bousquet on your team, you have tricks and gimmicks your enemy never heard of. But you  also have to watch your back, because those very tricks and gimmicks are coming to slit your throat in the political night.


STANLEY FELIX: Thanks for nothing.

KEITH MONDESIR: Do we do exorcisms in St Lucia?

MARCUS NICHOLAS: If Parliament is going to continue to be the maji it is today, I want Marcus Nicholas. Because that fool was more professionally foolish than anyone who ever stood in St Lucian parliament before.



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