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As Flambeaus head into another convention season, they are confronted head on with a question they need to ask themselves the moment they elected Allen Chastanet: Who is going to be our next political leader?
The problem with Allen Chastanet is not that he hails from Martinique or Puerto Rico.

It is not that he can’t get his feet out of his mouth. It is not that  he can’t relate to ordinary people anywhere on the Earth much less St Lucians, or that his free market economics aura is not real, it’s just a perfume he puts on in the morning that wears out by the afternoon.

These things don’t help Allen Chastanet’s floundering political career. But they are not the root cause.

Allen Chastanet’s real problem is that he has no roots in Canouan.

All successful Flambeau leaders since the beginning of time (i.e. John Compton and Stephenson King) have roots in Canouan. John Compton was born there, which explains why he was muc more successful than that loser Stephenson King, who is merely the son of a man from Canouan.

Grafton King, was, in fact, a renowned seamen, according to that font of all facts, Wikipedia. He was born in Canouan, but married a Lucian seamstress from Choiseul. Their offspring was a boy who was destined for the prime ministership, but no one could tell, not even after he first won the Castries North seat and became a government minister.

Even though he served as Chairman of the UWP and was pulled up to the right hand of God…I mean, John Compton after Flambeau’s 2006 victory, still no one thought this man was in any danger of achieving any sort of greatness in his life.

But Stephenson King had a secret weapon.

He was half-Canouan on his father’s side. And everybody knows that the best Lucian prime ministers come from Canouan.

As Allen Chastanet’s political career comes to a premature end, Flambeaus must look further than the shores of St Lucia to find a leader who be worthy of the mantle of leadership of their party and our nation. More specifically, they need to find someone who is not going to embarrass them at every available opportunity.

After Vaughan Lewis, Morella Joseph, more Vaughan Lewis, Stephenson King and Allen Chastanet, Flambeaus must end the denial and admit that there is not a single Flambeau on the soil of sweet St Lucia who is worthy of leading their own party.

Flambeaus were brave enough to put Stephenson King out to pasture when he messed with them and take a chance on Allen Chastanet. Now they must be brave enough to end the Allen Chastanet charade and go back to square one, the place where it all started.

If Flambeaus want their party to survive, they need to go fishing in Canouan.

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