Thursday, 26 June 2014


Editor’s note:They blew their shot to make Mary Francis a national hero and ride her train to human rights acclaim. Now, the St Lucia Labour Party is making another Mary ensette with antagonistic glory. Former trade unionist, die-hard che-Labour Henry Charles takes pause as his party charges in where John Compton feared to tread.



By Henry Charles

Trade Unionist, Regional and International Consultant


In any struggle the often mis-understood science of STRATEGY and TACTICS plays a critical role. Victory or defeat is usually determined by  by competent application of STRATEGY and TACTICS or lack thereof. The same holds true for achieving compromise, mutual respect and settlement of disputes. Unfortunately the desired appreciation and grasp of the science of STRATEGY and TACTICS is usually in short supply.


This ongoing struggle between the Government of Saint Lucia and Public Sector Trade Unions accentuates this reality.

Personally I don't think THE PRIME MINISTER has totally abandoned his early WRM teachings on STRATEGY and TACTICS but can the same be said of his LOYALISTS and FOOT SOLDIERS?

Methinks not.

Whether you admire or not, agree or not, with The President of the Civil Service Association, Mary Isaac, the truth is that the ill-advised, politically inspired attacks on her personality and perceived alliances are turning her into a victim and possibly a heroine. TANTO, TANTO! 

The Government, ruling SLP and operatives must not underestimate the extent of the despair among especially the MIDDLE CLASS about the possible negative impact of a proposed salary cut on their fragile economic status. It is not that they do not appreciate the economic challenges facing Saint Lucia. They do but are genuinely frightened by the prospect of a decline in their socio-economic standing. 

Tactically, if GOVERNMENT is to secure the support of Public Workers for the proposed cuts there must be a greater demonstration of empathy towards public workers on the part of the PAY CUT PROPONENTS. Perhaps, Sir Julian Robert Hunte can teach them a thing or two about empathy.

STOP these un-productive, ill-advised attacks and unmitigated display of hubris. MAKE HASTE SLOWLY! 


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