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As government bring unions to the table to discuss the decision to cut wages whether anybody likes it or not, St Lucia is facing a divisive political crisis in which everyone, it seems, is to blame. While agriculture flounders, marijuana remains illegal, yachting goes under-service, castor rots and mangoes and coconuts become food for rats, the government, the union leaders and the civil servants are busy talking about their personal pockets.

The current talks are pointless. The Labour governmet has already decided that the poor will pay for the mistakes of the rich and the poor realize that the sooner they pay Kenny’s ransom the better off they’ll be. The United Workers Party is of no use in this hostage crisis, because everyone knows that they themselves are a terrorist group that only recently held St Lucia hostage and were intent on turning it into a drug trafficking, beach-selling, golf clubbing private club for criminal multi-millionaires.

What is most striking, however, is the betrayal of the St Lucian people by the unions.

One expects Labour and Flambeau to betray poor people once they get into power.

But unions…unions are supposed to protect us from the terrible consequences of management’s recklessness and heartlessness. Nowadays, it seems, unions are only about pushing for salary increases and fighting salary cuts. Deep.

Let us meditate for a moment on these three socio-political forces that are dragging our country down.

FLAY-BOUR: The United Workers Party led by Allen Chastanet is painting a picture of the Labour government’s incompetence and lack of vision that amount to the truth about Labour. This government cannot deliver what the country needs. They are only digging the hole deeper. Unfortunately, the UWP was only just voted out for failing to deliver exactly what Labour is failing to deliver, even though they had tens of millions of Taiwnese dollars at their disposal- which Labour, through their own stupidity, does not. So when assigning responsibility for the fiscal pit St Lucia is in, Flambeau is no less culpable than Labour. In fact, they might be more so, which is why Labour’s natural enemies, like Taiwan, still want nothing to do with them. As for Kenny and them, these guys have no basic principles, no working strategies, no vision, no nothing. They only thing they have on Flambeau is that they are more educated and they are not in any position to teef the Taiwanese money.

UNIONS: The unions have a lot of gall trying to fight the pay cut. They betrayed St Lucia when they pressed for and got a 14.5% increase in wages and salaries from the idiot prime minister of the last Flambeau. Rather than reasoning with themselves that this was bad for the nation, they took the money and then, when Labour tried to make some mathematical sense, they’re crying. If Mary Isaac and the rest of the good unionists had truly good intentions they would do a helluva lot more than take a pay cut. They would be laying out the cost cutting agenda for the government. They cut out all the useless political appointments that burden the foreign ministry. They would attack the luxurious lifestyles afforded at the taxpayers expense in the St Lucia Tourist Board. They would be asking for more than 5%. And they would be asking for Foreign Affairs and Tourit Board on the chopping block. The savings you make there would equal hat you get from cutting civil servants salaries.

CIVIL SERVANTS: What a bunch of chickenshits. Most of them don’t give the nation value for money. They watch in silence as their professional superiors and political leaders pollute, corrupt and misguide the government, wasting resources and fucking time. It doesn’t bother them one bit that government after government fucks time and wastes the nation’s resources. They can tolerate infinite amounts of dirtiness without so much as a yellow flag being raised in the unions. But tell them there’s a wage freeze and you go see war. You go see activism. You go see Lucians flying into action. What a bunch of hypocrites these 21st century union members are. Why would anybody be on their side when they constantly fail to be the first line of defense against corruption, nepotism and waste? Why would anyone are about them when they have proven, time and again, that, fuck the country, the only they care about is their pockets.

In the axis of evil that now exists in St Lucia, each party says that the others are not thinking of the big picture and protecting their ‘cheese’. In the big picture, this is true of each of them – the union leaders, the civil servants and the politicians. In a better St Lucia, they would not be discussing the ‘either/or’ of cutting expenditure. They would cut salaries AND cut staff AND cut spending AND cut waste AND lop the heads off all those people who got jobs in the foreign service just because they’re Labour.

But they’re not going to do that.

They’re going to make US pay for their bullshit.

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