Tuesday, 17 June 2014



Last week Monday, Yasmine Walcott, the Consular General for St Lucia in Martinique called on police to arrest her former housekeeper Laurencia Bernard for alleged driving dangerously in front of her on the La Rocarde highway.

Police kept Laurencia in custody from 11:30 am to after 5pm on Monday June 9th, one day after the alleged incident was said to have occurred.

Bernard says the incident never happened. She was at a function of the St Lucia-Martinique Association in Lamantille where she admits to heckling Walcott during a speech. But she says that afterward she went to the countryside and has witnesses to prove that the alleged incident never took place.

The arrest follows on a lawsuit by Bernard against Walcott and the consulate for wrongful dismissal.


Laurencia Bernard has been living in Martinique for 28 years now. To see her, listen to her and get to know is to recognize that she is part of that section of Laba-Luci island sisterhood that belongs to both nations or neither of them.

Lucians and Martiniquans of her type are inextricable from each other. In the days of slavery, they floated back and forth in the channel between the islands, going wherever there was more freedom and opportunity. Up to this day, they still do, explaining why 10% of Martinique’s population is Lucian and there is only one Martiniquan in Lucian jail.

No matter what the laws say or who is in charge, these kinds of people shelter each other from poverty, from oppression and from hardship. If the islands of the region are sisters, Martinique and St Lucia are almost fully identical twins.

So when a Lucian-Martiniquan ike Laurencia gets to work for or with the government of St Lucia in Martinique, it is like having their status in the tribe officialized.

Laurencia first started working for the St Lucian mission in Martinique a few years ago under Keats Compton generalship.

But there is no story there apart from, maybe the fact that Compton was maintained in a Euro 3000 a month residence – which is  more in a month than many Lucians make in  year.

This story begins when a new house slave replaced the honorable Mr Compton at the helm of the Lucian consulate in Laba.


Her name was Yasmine Walcott. She was a former beauty queen, but more importantly, she was related to a former party chairman and even more importantly, she was NOT Shazi Chalon.

That last point alone made her something of a God-send to a faction of the Labour Party that simply didn't think Shazi had what it took to bring honor and glory to the bad name of St Lucia in Marinique. If Kanye West is Yeezus to the rap game, she was Yazzus to the French foreign relations game.
The new head nigger in charge immediately down scaled her blacker subordinate’s duties. No more cooking, washing, ironing or anything to do with food or clothes. Walcott brought her own nanny for that.

Laurencia, relieved of many duties while receiving the same salary briefly questioned the redundancy of having two housekeepers. But she wasn’t worried because she was both permanent and unionized. Firing her for maji would be a terrible mistake, especially in France where unions defend democratic socialism as though it was the gift of salvation, itself.

It wasn’t long before Yasmine was suggesting that two house managers were indeed redundant in this time of economic downsizing.

Somewhat ironically, the new Consular General was busy trying to get a new Audi for her personal use at the same time. (But then, Walcott had already remarked on what a nice 2011 Nissan 4WD SUV, Laurencia was driving and probably recognized that it was unseemingly for the boss to drive a Mitsubishi, the same category of car as her help.)
Walcott did not get the Audi in the end. But she got a South Korean luxury vehicle well befitting of her status. She also ensures that it has no diplomatic plates or markings and only uses a magnetic diplomatic marker for official events. The St Lucian government offered her a KIA Sorento (US$25,000), but that wasn't nearly good enough. Her new car, of course, costs more and is so unique, there is not a dealer or service repair station for 1000 miles.
It would be improper to comment on the kind of personal information the new house slave gave the old field hand access to. Upper class slaves and both real and fake aristocrats, blinded to their subordinate’s humanity, have always exposed the help to their personal foibles. All their dirty laundry is left for the low hands to wash.
Walcott did not want Laurencia to wash her undies, but she did leave some more dangerous dirty laundry lying around for any of her underlings to wash.
Very dirty laundry.





  1. Well really Jason. You are angry with the world. Or maybe just some people in it. It is shameful how you have chosen this path to call attention or claim some fame for yourself. The use of lies , twisted words for the slander of persons just to make yourself feel good is a dangerous option. your stories have no appeal except to the persons who are using you as an ignorant nigga to cover or push there own agendas.

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