Tuesday, 6 August 2013

FLAMBEAU PICTORIAL 1 (Or should that read Caption-orial? No, that sound ridiculous....)


It must be after three...I'm late.
It was after three in the afternoon.

Hell, it was after four.

I was late for Flambeau's Convention in Marigot.

I was working on a bunch of FICTITIOUS stories that were NOT about Richard Frederick.

I missed all the important speeches at the Convention,  but that's okay because none of them were important anyway.

Besides, I knew the outcome.

On the road to the Convention, I pass relics and symbols of Flambeau's  past.

Marks they left on the body of St Lucia.

A failed business.
This was as close as former minister Ausbert d'Auvergne got to Flambeau's Convention.
A bunch of bananas still growing, in spite of the efforts of banana companies, politicians, saboteurs, the World Trade Organization and the Banana Salvation Committee to kill them dead. The bananas will outlive  them all.
I remember The Banana Man...

And a couple of young ladies who condensed and crystallized the general feeling among the real silent majority about both major political parties nowadays...in the tradition of the late, great Sir John Compton,  have nothing more to say about that in particular,  except:
Message to both major political parties, from the youth, the independents,  the Rastas,  the artists, the athletes and all sensible farmers. You suck. Go  ahead and play your partisan games. We're going to figure things out ourselves.

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