Tuesday, 27 August 2013


They came. They talked. They think they're going to conquer.

Flambeau hasn't done a single thing to make anyone think they'll be better than they were in 2006-11,  but that's okay,because for the first time since before the death of Sir John Compton, Flambeaus actually feel good. Why? Because for some reason no one understands, Labour is scared.

Random sexy girl. Flambeau used to have many more of them in Compton's time. Things have changed.

Something about something blahblah, no one remembers

Not smiling. Sleepy actually. Must have been a rough Saturday night on the apple farm

Doof and Nancy: Cheerleaders in chief (One lost already and the other will lose for sure. But they're nice people. And at least one of them is good looking.)

Essiay, it's like Flambeaus are multiplying asexually. Which would explain their level of intelligence.

The gathering storm...and Stan, watching his back, wishing he didn't wear a red cap

Linus' guitar - the prettiest, truest thing on Flambeau's stage.

Why is the media in love with this woman? What's that? It's not love, it's lust? I don't see how that makes it better.

Guess which three people in this photo did not have a choice about being here.

Flambeau veteran thinking about the future. (By the way,the future is in the other direction, sir. With all due respect.)

Two out of  three Mondesirs like are falling for the Chastanet effect. The other one is irrelevant. His own brother had to sabotage him for the sake of family honor.

He wrote the death announcement,  but he has neither the death certificate nor the death sentence. Typical Flambeau. (In all seriousness, though, that was brilliant Ol Mas, bro. But watch your back. Twa Ti Nay, the Shaolin Master of Ol Mas, is coming for you.)

Two are watching the camera, one is selling cake another on facebook, this one guy clapping and everyone else talking about how much Kenny is afraid of Chastanet.

He ain't no John Compton, but he's learning to bowl like Flambeau's Darren Sammy.

Most importantly, he stuck to the script and kept his feet out of his mouth

Former Press Secretary Darnley Labourne: Is he still crying for King? Or maybe he's cursing God for making Jada Jn Pierre sexier than him. Or maybe he's wishing he was still a respected conservationist. Or maybe he's just tired from being Flambeau's workhorse.
Random sexy Flambeau girl Number 2. Aa, oui, Bon dieux, a big woman that there, ee....

A party that all St Lucians could vote for right now. This country band rocks.

A leader I could actually vote for. This guy should be a big star. But he was born in St Lucia, so he's just Linus The Best Country Singer in A 2000 Mile Radius.

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  1. So EVERYBODY and the Flogg thinks Flambeaus are only for comic relief...shhh don't tell them! They don't take bad news well, most soft hearted people don't.