Monday, 19 August 2013


With a little help from hotels and the MP and a lot of commitment from their workshop heads, Gros Islet kids had a sweet summer vacation water sports workshop. We are soooo glad that this escaped the change of government.

In a lot of ways, it was very much like school. You still had to listen carefully,  act thoughtfully, and you really couldn't mess around with these teachers. If water sports was a CXC subject, these teachers would be at St Mary's College. Fortunately, it's not, so everyone can share them.

This was no pash-pash ting. The school masters of the summer water sports workshop are international professionals. They could work anywhere in the world. The Red Cross on his back means that he can save our lives if he has to. The fact that we're standing around listening to him means that we'll probably be able to save yours. According to the Wonder Pets, "!"

What's gonna work? Teeeeamwork!...okay enough Wonder Pets...

Sailing involves geometry, vectors, mapping, meterology, astronomy and so much more. Except sailing is so much more fun than the classroom. Makes you wonder why teachers don't just take us to the beach. Oh yeah. That's right. They can teach but they can't swim. Well, at least the summer is educational and practical,  right?

Sailing also tests your character. You have to commit. You can't quit in the middle of the water because something is to hard. You have to do whatever is necessary to get home safely. And the first step is doing whatever you must to get out safely.

One important thing about this workshop is that it brings the children of a fishing village back to the sea.  And it does it in a modern way that will lead to careers  for some us. For the rest of us, it will be more  than a fun summer.  It will makes us stronger, more disciplined and more innovative than anything we ever learnt before.

The water sports workshop relieved boredom,  which as everyone knows is a primary cause of teenage pregnancy, STDs and crime.

Summer water sports also taught us to co-operate and be cool - even those of us who thought we hated each other.

In addition to learning teamwork, the water sports workshop also taught hardcore individuality. Sometimes in life,  you can only rely on yourself and you have to do it without self-pity. And there is nothing like being out in the water on your own to make you depend on yourself,  is there?

Of course, it wasn't a military style camp. Some of us were just happy to ride for free. Nothing wrong with that.

But our teachers knew that you don't have to hook everyone with every class.  Mostly you just need one or two to realize,  "Wow! I love this! I want to learn this!"

It's tricky stuff at first. Even when you find your balance, you're still on the verge of  falling.

But all it takes is a little practice,  a little confidence  and the willingness to drink some water through your nose

Next  thing you know, you're flying. You are at one with the sea and the wind. The sun smiles on you while it beats on others.

It makes you wonder, if we can do this at 14, how hard would it be to drive a truck? Or an airplane? Or a cruise ship? No problem at all!

Okay,  maybe we need a little more training. Hope someone is listening. After all,  most of us will be voting in a few years.


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