Tuesday, 6 August 2013

FLAMBEAU PICTORIAL 2: The Snobs, The Slaves & The Peasants

The true heirs of John Compton's legacy

Nature's Way All Natural Smoothies stood between me and the Flambeau Convention Center aka the Marigot Secondary School.

The sign sucked.

But the booth itself was a symbol of the future success of St :Lucia.

The Banana Man would have been proud.

Unfortunately, Stephenson King did not give a damn about agriculture and Allen Chastanet, the man set to kick his butt out of Flambeau's leadership, has no respect for the ability of a country to feed its people.

Inside the school compound, faithful factions awaited the result patiently. The FLOGG noticed for the first time that Flambeaus were more diverse than they'd like to admit. They are not just upper class snobs and loyal house slaves and misguided peasants. They are also angry ghetto youth, sexy party girls, ambitious young turks and fine young criminals.
Flambeaus come in different shapes and sizes

Okay, I'm overstating the case a little. They really are a bunch of upper class snobs, loyal house slaves and misguided peasants. But they're our snobs, slaves and peasants. And they were about to take a small to step forward. Okay, maybe not forward, but to the right, in order to get away from something very, very bad, which has been dogging them since 2006.
The Snobs, The House Slaves and The Peasants - Flambeau is a perfect world where everyone gets along and knows their place. Except You-Know-Who. But he wasn't there.
Dammit, not wearing my smile!

Yo, Richie, I've picked a side...not yours...
Guy Joseph was hiding behind his cellphone. You could tell he wasn't talking to anyone because whenever he talks, he smiles. And he was trying to smile, but it wasn't working. Maybe the smiles were not charged up properly. His smiles have been dimmer ever since Flambeau got kicked out of power.
RRR! Ugh! Must...Smile....Harder...

During the contest for the leadership,  he had a problem deciding which power source was best suited to his smile. By Convention Day it was clear  which one.  The one that survived.

The little reported story of  Allen Chastanet's rise is that he represents the return of old money to the party. 

H-Bom, Hollis Bristol: Ol Money Millionaires
Over  the last several years,  the ghetto took over the party.  

Now  there's nothing wrong with the ghetto.

But if they want to be in charge of something, they have to go to Labour, because Flambeau was once and will soon be again,  the party of the higher ups, their servants,  peons, serfs and groupies.

And then, all will be right with the world again.

In fact, it will be righter than every before.

Because compared to them, John Compton was a right thinking socialist democrat. American Republicans are pinkos compared to them.

And they don't even know who Ayn Rand is!

Lucian Republicans...holding on for dear life as the Old Money and The Peasants Take their party back
He's back with a whole new franchise. Emma better start stalking the supermarkets again.

Very few people doubt that things will be better than they were for the last six years.

In fact, if Flambeau didn't take flight from the executive that brought it to the verge of collapse and total international disrepute, they would have no friends in the world. Not America. Not Taiwan.Not anybody.
Doddy loves Chastanet...and Guy Joseph...and Richard Frederick. Well, he's the one who said it in 2011!

The King faction couldn't admit that.

That's they didn't back down.

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