Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Great shooting sir. You really nailed it.

It was the most brilliant exercise in missing the point in the history of…I don’t know, I’m making stuff up because I can’t believe how excellently Kenny Anthony missed the point.

There are several things the Prime Minister forgot to mention in his speech on the blacklisting of Lucian cops by the US State Department.

When he noted that the Americans ‘seem’ to have ‘some’ evidence that the extra-judicial killings of 2010-11 were human rights violations, he forgot to mention that the American investigations of the Royal St Lucia Police Force were probably sparked off and precipitated by Labour going back and forth to the US Embassy in Barbados while they were in opposition, complaining about human rights violations committed by Lucian police. Probably. Lol.

“Boo hoo hoo,” cried Kenny and his emissaries to every State Department official they could find, the year leading up the 2011 general election. “They’re using the cops to kill the bad boys who did their dirty work for…oh, boo hoo hoo…It’s not riiiiiighhhhht!!!!!”

Kenny Kat stalked its prey with sad eyes
And they tore their hair out and sat in sackcloth outside the Embassy for days and nights wailing for their plight of people. Imagine the surprise the Americans’ must have experienced when after winning the 2011 election, Labour proved to be less co-operative than anyone could have predicted.

He neglected to mention that the St Lucian government bloody well knew that the Americans were not in a position to just let the extra-judicial killings pass and that the longer he took to do anything about it, the more pressure the Americans would have to apply.

Don't worry, PM will protect us...from what he brought on us
He probably forgot to explain that he knew the Americans were blacklisting St Lucian cops for quite a while now, but allowed Commissioner Vernon Francois to try to attend an American-sponsored event, knowing full well that it would only result in our top cop getting turned away like he was Bruce Tucker. Maybe he knew but didn’t tell Francois. Maybe Francois knew but wanted to embarrass the government. Maybe they both just forgot. Who knows? He didn’t explain it and so speculation can only grow.

Maybe that’s his strategy. If it is,  it’s working. People are speculating.

It is curious that the Prime Minister failed to mention that a Caribbean task force that reports its findings to the St Lucian Director of Public Prosecutions is a dead end. Why? Because Caribbean people have nothing to do with it.

The people who have a problem with our cops are the Americans – you remember them….our biggest tourism market? Yes? You remember now? Good.

Regardless of what we think of sovereignty or national pride or whatever, the economic point of the entire exercise of investigating and cleansing the St Lucia Police Force of corrupt and/or offensive elements is to satisfy the government of our biggest tourism market, the Americans, that we are safe and fit for their people to travel to.

Yet, the Prime Minister failed to invite the offended party, the Americans, to be part of the process of investigating independently, even though he was the one who was egging them on the start an investigation. He did not complain to or  ask for assistance from any of the countries where the independent investigators are now going to come from. He ran to the Americans. And now, he’s closing them out.

He sure is a smart guy. No one can figure him out after a move like that. Wow. Mind boggling. If I was drunk, I would say that he was practically protecting the cops from the investigations that he sparked off. But I’m not. So I won’t.

Let’s just say the Prime Minister’s insistence on due process is not insistent, is overdue and not well processed enough.

And finally, he wants to deposit the fine report that an independent panel of Caribbean investigators will write where? On the DPP’s desk? Isn’t that the best place to lose a file in all of the Eastern Caribbean? Isn’t that where the Report on Town and Village Councils is lying comatose waiting for the statute of limitations to pass before it dies a horrible death? Is that the place where…omg, I almost committed libel.

So basically, the Prime Minister proposed to do something, but what he proposed to do will amount to nothing.


Don't worry fellas. If things keep going this way, you won't be the only ones on the US blacklist for long.
Wonder how long before State starts thinking that they shouldn’t only be blacklisting cops for the human rights violations and cover up in St Lucia?

Wonder how it will take before another minister, this time one from the St Lucia Labour Party, gets his visa status altered in a way that prevents him from traveling to America?

Why would the Prime Minister neglect to mention these things, given the permanently heightened state of his intellectual capacity?

No one can answer the first two questions but the Americans. But the last question, while entirely subjective can be answered, albeit most subjectively. Fortunately,  this is a blog and is not bound by the cumbersome rules of regular news media. And so…

The FLOGG has a provisional conclusion.

It’s because of the kind of animal he is. He’s not the killer whale or the alpha male gorilla he often portrays himself as. He doesn’t have what it takes to do what must be done to restore confidence on the government and law enforcement of St Lucia. He is a different kind of animal. The reason why he failed to do anything progressive or conclusion on the matter of blacklisted cops is because he’s just a little cat. What do they call them? I forget.

Eeney, meeney, miney, wait...that's not a tiger, it's a Lucian Prime Minister.


  1. Is there such a Kweyol proverb: 'Pa hale latje a lyon ke ka pose an wipo'?

    The Flogg raises several important issues with very serious implications - economic and otherise for this little rock. But the issue that most disturbs me is the discerning Flogg's ability pou espoze kawakte a nonm. Eh bien.

    My apologies - I'll have to invent a Kweyol keyboard.

  2. You mean the prime minister behaved like a typical sociopath and put his party interest before the country???? I am shocked who would ever think that our stupid communist leadership would do such a thing

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  5. Hey shouting communist government is going too far. Lucians are to bad behaved for any communist government to survive for long. All Caribbean countries have semi socialists governments disguising themselves as democratic. St. Lucia's is even stricter than most as others like Trinidad and Jamaica can actually prosecute the police and government ministers. That why the police of these very violent countries tread carefully and take differents stands than the kill everything in sight and then ask questions approach that ours usually take.
    Lucian police feel they can do and get away with anything, no matter who you are they feel they can slap or brutalize you if you even question their motives on anything. Well except if you very light skinned and have lots of money that they know about, lol.
    SLP, UWP they're all the same, just a bunch of opportunist trying to rape our country and get away with it and counting on our lack of education so that we even pat them on the back well they rob us blind. Hey well done!!
    Lucia needs to change starting with the small island mentality and stupidity that plague us. Making us exercise constantly the inability to defend ourselves from the perceived elite from awe or fear or whatever. Bois Jois se met, who says that.
    Wake up please my people

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    2. Well if you go around communist (socialist) countries and pick up stupid failed socialist (communist) ideas like NICE and Step (you can find similar programs in trinidad minus the oil money ) stimulus packages similar to Venezuela minus the oil money.Have a history at uni with your partner in crime Ralph over in SVG.....if you have always live off social wealth fair (government and lecture jobs )
      But i won't call him a commie because of that i invite you to read the communist manifesto and make your own judgement......

  6. didn't the prime minister know that he shouldn't hunt what he can't kill, and now that the hunter has become the huntee everywhere is too hot for him.

    1. you should take your own advice, Tori Fatal Frederick Faisal...

  7. An exercise in fruitless speculation and "gardeurism"

    It is shameful that a respected journalist as the "FloggBlogger" could devote so many paragraphs on "probably","maybe", and "perhaps" --- hiding behind idle speculation instead of a reasoned opinion based on actual facts.

    A well-known saying: "get your facts first, then you can bend them to suit."

    1. The FLOGG has been right about so many things that people like you are sure is gardeurism that we actually stopped collecting comments like this as trophies.

      We have no need to play the dirty little political games that Chopin is playing because we are not partisan and give it to Kenny and Ti Chas in equal measure.

      The fact that you don't like what I have to say only makes me do it better.

    2. By the way, you've done a really shyte job of covering your identity.

  8. Is it not beyond interesting that we are all now suffering from a case of ADVANCED HINDSIGHT. When these issues were raised at least a month ago by this same FLOGG, we all cried foul speculation. Now that the PM has addressed them somewhat we pretend that we knew all along...it is the St Lucian mentality that is a strange kind of animal. A hyena perhaps? Now that is strictly speculation on my part!