Monday, 26 August 2013



At first, it looked bad.

As Jada Jn Pierre noted photographically on her facebook post, there was more space than people at the party Flambeau held last Sunday in Prime Minister Kenny Anthony territory.

Sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the Messiah

This does NOT look like a party

They looked tired and it was still mid-afternoon.

The platform was so boring that most people entertained and motivated each other with their own conversations. The buzz was so loud that I could barely hear what Arsene James said about the Choiseul  Secondary School needing to be demolished, but reopening this school year as though everything was okay.

Guy Joseph said something about integrity (lol) taunting Labour about their failure to do anything meaningful with their bullshit Town and Village Councils Report on possible corruption by the former adminstration.
Omg! The Integrity...the's too much

Then, suddenly, there were people everywhere Spider was sweating like a damned preacher in heat riling up the crowd. did that happen? How did Flambeau creep up like that?

The buzz in the audience had finally infected the platform. Leaders repeated what I had heard from the crowd during the afternoon warm up performances. Something about $70m from Taiwanese President Ma and a Special Account at BOSL instead of the Consolidated Fund. Something about the cops. Something about the economic state of the country. You know, the same bullshit Labour says about them.
Holy Crap, Custer! Where did all them Injuns come from?


Morale is high in Flmabeau right now. They think that the SLP  government is screwing up and knows they're screwing up. They think that with their new poster boy at the helm,  they can pose as a whole new Flambeau, which of course is the good ol' Flambeau - in fact, it's any Flambeau except the 2006-11 Flambeau, which is exactly what most of them really are.

"We ready, yeah, we ready," they sang Bunji Gallin style, taunting Labour to call elections anytime they pleased, because they were so sure that they were ahead on points.

In truth and in fact, they are not. They have a lot of work to do to clean up the mess they became. Memory is not so short that the world will forgive and forget already. But they are, in fact, on the upswing,  while Labour, truth be told, is bleeding support like a suicide victim.

He ain't no Compton, but he could be Sammy
So now,  Labour bowls questions at Chastanet and looks like they are afraid of a man whom they would like everyone to think is not serious. And when Flambeau bowls,  they're on the offensive, looking to take wickets. Even Chastanet's accent and speech writing have improved considerably. The coaching team at Flambeau HQ, at least, seems to be working. He may not be their John Compton, but he could be their Darren Sammy. In these times when a political leader must care about winning waaay more than he cares about governing and growing, that should be enough.

And near the end of his speech, he nailed the truth as he has never done before in his life.

"Labour didn't win the last elections," he said. "UWP lost them."

It's almost like he was reading The FLOGG. If he is, Labour's in trouble, because this blog is a goldmine of political truth, that if taken seriously by those in power, could tune politicians to the reality of ordinary St Lucians as no one has been since John Compton lay down in front of a tractor in nineteen fifty whatever.


  1. "$70m from Taiwanese President Ma." Did I read that right? Taiwan printing money for St Lucia. So this hot Asian girl love her some Lucian. Well Flambeau 'pot calling the kettle black,' asking Labor not to waste Taiwanese money... Say what?

  2. $70m!!!!..........Kenny lets see you practice what you preach.

    1. So you're around ?
      Does that mean were r cool?

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