Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Ma jamais weh borda gwiyen kon sa! (I never see bumbum smile like that!) 

The vicious media! Don't mind them, uh. They vicous!

Mmm, mmm, mmm! And those are the organizers!

Essiay, garcon-felluz, y'all doh find that's overdoing it!

Yard Man South waiting to ride
Yard Man South bigging up the North Side

Tell them, Consuelo! They eh hearing?

Bondieu, yo koumansay!

Poor jab! You think is one horn they give da mun already?

I hate that girl! She always in it.
Excuse me. You in the black. Hellooooo....

You. Hello. Yes you. You smiling, but you eh hearing. Don't worry. We shall get back to you In tomorrow's episode of Gros Islet Carnival. STAY TUNED, my girl, STAY TUNED.

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