Thursday, 1 August 2013


All characters and events depicted herein are obviously fictitious. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


That was the new frontier. Now that so many doors to major  markets were closed, they were poisoning Haiti. 

Ironic. Usually, it was the Haitian obeah men who poisoned St Lucia.

They had opened a channel through Martinique. French Frankie did not tell him that. Skinny wondered if the French knew. They had to know. Didn’t they? French Frankie probably did not trust him enough yet.

“I know what you planning,” Frankie had said. “You one brave boy, Skinny. You going to die for the truth. Should be more like you. Your PM and that new opposition leader, they hide and cower and call it strategy. You have Spanish balls. Cohones. Big fucking balls. Nobody but you has the guts for this shit. You have motherfuckers shitting bricks and rooting for you on all sides.”

But he wouldn’t share.

“How would you know?” Skinny asked.

“Asshole, everybody knows what you do,” Frankie answered. “They’re reading that fucking blog in Taipei, in Beijing, Washington, Paris, Sydney. You don’t know? The joke about you among the spooks is that you lied when you said Creature was The Most Dangerous Man in The Caribbean.”

“Who is?” Skinny thought he was finally getting somewhere with Frenchie.

“You are.”

Skinny did not see that one coming. He was always startled when someone painted his actions as heroic. He knew he wasn’t a hero. He was just desperate. Things had gone too far in St Lucia. Too many cover-ups, too many collaborators, too much silence. Somebody had to tell the truth if his children were not going to grow up in a narco-state.

“Be careful, Skinny Herbs. Operation Westoration decimated his forces, but he’s a wounded beast now. He could just snap and do somesing cwazy….but that’s what you want, isn’t it? Yeah. You want him to fucking shoot you. You want him to drag you to court. You have guts. I admire zat. Even zer higher ups in Sous America and Russia respect you. Stay alive, okay. Don’t go ANYWHERE wizzout proteccion.”

And with that, he turned back to the sexy little thing at the bar.

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