Tuesday, 13 August 2013


By Labour Correspondent

Did I do thaaaaaat.....?
At present, most St Lucians only hate Labour for what they can see and feel - the contraction of the economy. But while Labour is not totally deserving of the credit they get for the economic downturn, they are working on something that is totally their fault.

If you watch closely, you will see that the geniuses and intellectuals in the Labour vanguard are currently teaching the whole world an advanced course in:

How to screw up St Lucian foreign relations.

The following is a brief summary.

I know he knows what I know that  he knows I know
First, you have to say you know something about Richard Frederick, but not tell the public no matter how many times you promise that you will.

Then you have to lose an election to John Compton because you gave him and his modern band of misfits too much time to organize against you. You have to do this against the advice of all your best counselors so that even people in your own party are vexed like hell with you. Of course, when John Compton kicks your butt with his most senile foot in the 2006 election, you must behave yourself until after he passes away and the pinheads who were under him start to fight amongst themselves.

That is when you have to run to international agencies in Barbados and elsewhere to trying to trigger off investigations  into the extra-judicial killings.

Once the international investigations are triggered off, you use what you can as campaign kerosene. But once you win the next election, then you must refuse to co-operate with the international agencies and in fact, you must write to the State Department asking them to discontinue the investigations that you made them start.

Making Kenny look like a bluffer since 2006
And still, you have nothing substantial to say about Richard Frederick. You are beginning to look like a bluffer, but that is okay for now, because based on your strategy, it seems you are trying to look like something much worse than a bluffer. It will look like you are a protector and a collaborator.  People close to you are beginning to suspect bad things, but they are staying silent because they love Labour more  than they love St Lucia. More than they love themselves.

You have successfully alienated some of your base, disappointed many left-leaning independents, eroded your own credibility and given America legitimate reasons to be totally pissed off with you, when in fact they wanted nothing more than your co-operation and you could have called some creative shots on them to relieve the plight of your people. Genius.

Now while all of this is going on the economy is contracting like Guy Joseph in labor.

The Taiwanese are the only ones of all your friends who have free money to help relieve you, but you must resist the temptation to write proposals for agricultural restoration and construction of production oriented projects. Instead you must anger the Taiwanese by continuing your fruitless flirtations with Beijing. So now, your number one protector and your richest friend are both angry at you. Excellent. Great work. But you are not done yet, are you, Doc?

To all of this error, you must add the hope that Allen Chastanet would not become leader of Flambeau and repair relations between Taipei and UWP. Oops. Talk about error of judgment. Talk about shades of 2005. You are now in a bad head space, which apparently was your plan.

Instead of quickly trying to patch up with Taipei in order to head Flambeau off at the pass, you must ignore all good sense and try to join ALBA, knowing bloody well that it is infected and corrupted with Chinese influence and Iranian money.

Now, you are alarming both America and Taiwan at the same time. Incredible. No one would have thought it possible. Yet you have done it. Now your best friends in the world are people you do not even have diplomatic relations with. Iran and the Peoples Republic of China. You must be so proud.

And still, you have not said a word about Richard Frederick, who you made such a big deal about. An interesting game you play. It keeps everyone confused about your intentions. No one can read you. You are unreadable. Hooray. Unfortunately, this is not your game, so it looks like you are the one who is confused and does not understand what is at stake.



  1. ...and the child, er,the flogger, looking closely at the emperor, blurted, "The emperor is naked!"

    1. You're good at this, bro. Need a part time job flogging...

    2. Nice, nice, this is getting interesting again....

  2. Those with ears, let them hear
    Those with eyes, let them see...
    Sadly as one lucian calypsonian said:
    They facing front but their eyes in their backside...smh

    How else can one explain not heeding advice. Worst thing is that Lucia is the one who stands to suffer.

  3. This is dangerous at best that someone can twist facts that are glaring and utterly distasteful to suit them..the author deserves to be shot for misinformation and distasteful spin.to suggest the the illegal acts of others are caused by a party and that the united states of america federal government is moved by the mere request of a person or party is insulting to any one with a shred of intelligence and to a highly reputable government where constitutional rights and laws are entrenched. you the author should be ashamed to be a stlucian. you are nothing but a party hack and piss poor human. the world is laughing at us and you blame the labour party for the corruption of the united workers party candidates..why not be a citizen and call a spade a spade. if a st lucian messed up he messed up labour or flambeau, and live bloody politics out of it. damn. you are ignorant.

    1. I just called a spade a spade, in spite of my abiding preference for all things left-wing.

    2. It's high time we start respecting people's opinions without name calling. I hope Ms. Forde did not mean that the author should literally be shot. It's kind of hard to say leave politics out of it and refer to Mr. Sifflet as a party hack when the tone of your comment seems to be somewhat politically skewed.

    3. Now Mr Sifflet, please read over the responses my deliberate use of language, "should be shot" provoked. This is my point exactly. Although this is a blog, yet shouldn't you report responsibly and not spread mere rumour and rhetoric..to the rest of your followers who blindly support you. perhaps they should decide to look hard at the wrong doers rather than the party..as for the idiot who called me a fraud..funny how you know i am a fraud and you don't know me..its people like you who will falsely accuse people..case in point.."blame the labour party for the corruption of the united workers party and the blame the united workers party for the corruption of the labour party" where does it end and when do we become true citizens.

    4. I have blind followers?

      Oh no! Got to get them to Cuba for surgery. I hope the USA doesn't mind.

  4. How eloquent we wax in our anger..careful, One's own intolerance and eh hem ignorance, may show. Donot strain yourself, understanding that nothing is as simple as it seems, may require more grey matter than you possess.

    Suggesting someone gets shot for their views,is not advisable in this day and age, I'm just saying...ISN'T THAT A BIT DRASTIC. Tolerance should really be a virtue.

    Thank God Big Brother doesnot defer to you, for advice of any sort.It is you with your violent and intolerant tendencies who should be ashamed(your St Lucian-ness I assume is a mere coincidence of birth)

    1. Good response to Alison Fraud...oops meant Forde ;)

      But maybe the Freudian slip is accurate. How else could Forde/Fraud request someone be shot for voicing an opinion.

      Alison Forde I would like you to consider a name change or if nothing else get your head checked.

      Damn Proud Lucian

    2. For some reason, I expected Flambeaus to react this way and Labour people to have more good humor. Surprise! Anyway, its not time for conclusions yet. The experiment continues. None of the major stories in this book, sorry, blog, are finished yet.

  5. I'm not sure what kind of "PROTECTION"(accordee say moun la) Jason Sifflet has but he must constantly be wearing a foil helmet to ward off all the mind scrambling rays that i assume are being sent his way.

    I may not agree with all that may be written or expressed here and who knows if someday i too may become one who is flogged on this blog but i admire anyone who knows that the sniper is lurking in the bush, ready to take the shot but keeps pushing regardless of that reality.

    ..either that or Jason has like....1000 boloms on pay roll....

    1. lmao.

      Now, seriously, how do you know about the boloms?

  6. As i understand if/when The Right Honourable Dr Kenny D Anthony leave us in the next elections, Lucia will have ne friends, no ecomony, no nothing. I will feel so sorry for her. Lucia don't worry you'll get back on your feet.

    Right from the start we should have known that Kenny would look for some way/reason to fix his relationship with China. I don't know what is it the man have over there, but i want some cause it must be good,

    My advise to Kenny is, don't hunt what you can't kill.

    1. He and Alva are opening the door for ALL sensible parties to make alliances with Flambeau against Labour. I want to like these lefties so bad, but my leftism stops where free speech ends. And free speech ends in Iran.

    2. But we'll always have you won't we?

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  8. Aren't they part of "dee culture" accordee say moun la? We live in a society where we are more comfortable openly speaking about BOLOMS but secretly keep our grievances towards government officials and leaders we deem more powerful than us. Well until we have "bakah". Its boggles the mind.

    238 Sq miles of car-bahway parliamentarians.

  9. For Clarification:

    Car-bahway parlamentarianism
    (the rum shop, road side advisors)

    They always know what "Kenny" Or "Compton" should have done they have all the great ideas for the forward movement of the nation yet are still dependent on political parties or politicians to execute the dreams or wishes they constantly give airtime in the rum-shops, street corners, barbershops, bank lines etc.

    You are no longer citizens of a nation. You are now colors and factions. You are symbols and ideologies.

    The color scheme is nauseating, please remove red and yellow 3D Goggles to read above!

    1. Kurt, I have to figure out how to get you to write more comments. I had more fun reading you than I have writing this crap. By the way, I'm appropriating your last comment for DICIONNAIRE KWEYOL.

  10. :-)

    I will have to peruse the FLOGG BLOG a little more often.

  11. It seems after all the FLOGG was right..ST LUCIA IN THE US CROSSHAIRS AND KENNY PUT US THERE?.shucks now we will all have to stop reading the newspapers and use them instead for...I have no idea what good they are now. When a FLOGGER gets it right ahead of the FREE PRESS? What the Flogg!!