Saturday, 17 August 2013



Kenny and Iran sitting in a tree

The danger of ALBA is not all the money we are going to owe Venenzuela later down the line. The danger of ALBA is that it is not what it seems at all. It is not simply a Bolivarian front of social democrats trying to raise the bottom end of our societies to dignity.

If it was, Venezuela, under Chavez, would  have eradicated poverty.

This is hard for me to admit, because deep down inside, I’m a free speech commie, if there ever was such a thing.  I have deep, abiding sympathy for Castro and Chavez,  Bishop and, you know, fellas like that. Heartical communists and socialists. I love admiring them from afar, at a vantage point where they cannot lay their hands on me and throw me in jail for any errant and heretic opinions I can’t help but utter.

I am not, however, delusional enough to think that a person like me would live anywhere but in jail under any one of the regimes I mentioned.

If ALBA and their dangling carrot,  the Petro-Caraibe deal were totally on the up and up, I would probably say forget America, they’re not interested in helping us with anything but drug interdiction anyway. But ALBA is not what it seems.

ALBA is not Latin America banding together to form their own sphere of influence.

ALBA is a tool for others to expand their sphere of influence into the Caribbean and Latin America. Now, how can the islands who are flirting with the Chinese and Iranian-influenced ALBA expect America to just sit by and let it happen? They are going to piss off all their best friends. For nothing.

Well, nothing but election campaign funds.

Is it going to be worth it to them when our old friends get new ideas and start turning the screws? Can we afford the few turns of the screw they have already shown us? Labour would be better off legalizing marijuana than joining ALBA given what they know about what’s really lurking in the belly of early 21st century socialism.

At least then, America would be vexed with St Lucia for something we did and we can control rather than something someone else is using us to do.


  1. Why is St Lucia being prostituted instead of getting her children to take care of her??

    It is great to have Uncle Sam and others who can give nice gifts but surely the sons and daughters of St Lucia would have her best interests at heart. We need to find ways of becoming self sufficient where we can take care of ourselves, otherwise there is no real growth after Independence...smh

    1. ironically, the right answer is to rely on Taiwan for a little while. They have the expertise we need to build an agricultural self-sufficiency base and an alternative energy base - both of which we need to build an independent 21st century St Lucia...

  2. Even if this is what ALBA is I think it is a good move by Kenny. Remember all the AIDS...oh sorry...AID we got for our old friends during the cold war? Remember how it all dried up when we were no longer needed? Well let's make them nervous and uncomfortable again. Maybe then they'll be interested in jumping into bed with us again.

    1. If the ALBA/Iranian flirtation is all about leverage, i'm for it. But somehow I think this is more about misguided ideology and election campaign funds.

    2. Using ALBA as leverage is a dangerous thing...remember in these hard and trying times we offer our friends nothing much for so much in return. Now if they call our bluff we in deep shit.

  3. Said little red riding hood to the big bad wolf "Oh what big bombs you have?"
    Oh they're not for what you think, my child. I barely us them for that.
    'Iran insists its nuclear program is purely for civilian nuclear energy.' CNN News Report, only days ago.
    THESE ARE OUR FRIENDS NOW? Oh what strange bedfellows we have Mr. Prime Minister. I hope when we get out of bed, we can shake off the fleas.