Sunday, 11 August 2013



Uncle Sam wants Flambeau. Well, they used to. Now Flambeau has a lot to prove to its foreign friends. Unless Labour keeps screwing up foreign relations. In which case, all Flambeau has to do to win back  America and Taiwan, is nothing.

America prefers Flambeau to Labour. No doubt about it. Labour leaders are always rushing off  to Cuba to suck Castro’s dick, flying to Venezuela to lick Chavez’s cold dead ass, bending over to take it up the butt from Beijing. If you were America you wouldn’t like Labour and their kiss-ass communist schtick either. Especially when it’s so false. Labour has become so not socialist that Flambeau ‘the right wing’ party is able to appropriate all their best domestic ideas whenever the balance of power changes without alarming anyone in the international community.

Taiwan also prefers Flambeau, but for different reasons.

Taiwan just doesn't want to be kicked in the balls by Labour anymore

Taiwan doesn’t like Labour  because Labour spent five years in opposition kicking Taiwan in the balls every time they criticized the diseased and infected United  Workers Party government. Every time they mentioned the UWP government and money in the same sentence, Taiwan would get a kick in the balls. And then, in special bonus rounds, Taiwan’s ambassador, Tom Chou would get special roundhouse kicks in the balls as though Kenny Anthony is made of such better stuff that he would have made entirely different positions than the ones that Chou made to keep Lucia Taiwanese, if he were in the same position.

In spite of every opportunity presented to them by the current situation, Labour continues to stand ready to  take it up the butt from Beijing. And like Beijing, Labour's faux socialists keep neglecting the plight of the people. Now class, what use are communists and socialists if they  neglect the plight of people? That's right. None. None at all.

 Labour keeps making scary noises about ALBA and Petro-Caribe, attracting all the bad consequences of a hard turn to the left without really maximizing the benefits of hanging out with the modern day Pancho Villas and Bolivars. On top of which,  they, like Flambeau did, are courting dangerous new friends with bad ideas, friends who  are bound to alarm St Lucia’s  traditional friends and protectors and put us further in the bad books, when we need it the least.

Feels so good to win the foreign relations front by accident. Thank you,  Labour,  for fucking everything up so fully.

The result is that both America and Taiwan look upon Labour as a kind of borderline communist debating club, dying to go over the edge, but vacillating about it in the most cowardly and self-defeating fashion. (Who was it that said that the most dangerous commiunist is the one who will only go halfway? Me? Cool.)

In spite of all that Flambeau  has done to shit on the trust of all their friends, these friends would still prefer for Flambeau to clean up the shit and win the next  election than to watch Labour cringe and shuffle its way into the arms of incestuous communist love circles again.

Flambeau's friends feel like shit, but Labour is giving them no choice but  to eat it

Flambeau spent the last five years pissing off everyone in the international community and reducing St Lucia’s reputation to that of a corrupt, violent narco-state. Both the Americans and Taiwanese must be extremely skeptical of the new Flambeau considering how many of the old dirty hands are on board  for  the  clean op. 
 If Labour would just play their cards and communications right, no one would think twice about throwing Allen Chastanet and friends under the global bus and letting his  version of Flambeau starve to death.

But because of Labour’s own incalcitrance, everyone is hoping against hope that Chastanet really is The Great White Hope.

Labour has left the window open for Flambeau to repair wrecked and savaged relations with Taiwan by not giving the Taiwanese every reason to stay out of local partisan politics. It is a tactical error driven by ideological backwardness and personal pettiness.  For all intents and purposes, Taiwan is the only  friend St Lucia has who has money to give. Taiwanese is also the only friend willing and able to give expert help in crop diversification, food  security and agro-processing. By not  embracing Taiwan wholeheartedly, Labour is  driving them back in the arms of Flambeau.

Ewww! Taiwan won't just let Flambeau back into bed with them
By failing to embrace and engage Taiwan, Labour is widening the window for an Allen Chastanet win. Dumb. Not the kind of thing one might expect from the gatherers of grains of sand.

There is no greater tactical error that the St Lucia Labour Party can make right now than to allow the Taiwanese and Flambeau to become friends  again.

In addition, Labour needs to get over its outdated ideological  self.  While no country should allow itself to be pushed around by the displeasure of another country, Labour is not getting enough for St Lucia, considering the amount of concern and consternation she causes among our real and tradition friends.

Labour can play both sides or all sides or whatever. St Lucians don’t care.

But the one thing Labour cannot do is not deliver the goods.

Red star burning down
Which is exactly what they are doing now.

Here’s a bit of advice  for the beleaguered government: The Taiwanese have the goods. Go get them before it’s too late. Do something right for your people today.

Or not.

It’s your fucking funeral.


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