Thursday, 18 July 2013


Asskickers SLU, Inc: St Lucia's most fearsome force
Surprise. St Lucian cops are paying for police brutality. And in a way that no one could have predicted.

They're not  allowed on any security conferences where the US is involved.

Is it because a high ranking police officer was suspected to be part of a narco-trafficking organizing?  Nope.
Many other police officers besides the highly ranked suspect have since been refused VISAS. But VISAS are not the only thing being held hostage. Training and networking  opportunities also being blocked.


Because of extra-judicial killings.

Comm. Francois: Nice guy, but  don't mess...
Vernon Francois out-badassed every St Lucian police commissioner before him when he came into office by combatting a violent crime wave with brutal,  masked, M-50 wielding paramilitary officers.

The cops actually seemed to deliberately leave a list  of 'suspects' behind once they started a string of extra-judicial killings in an effort to show reckless gangsters who was the biggest, baddest gang in St Lucia.

The scare tactic worked. Bad boys started bailing out of St Lucia. Scene too hott,  ga! Those who remained put reckless gangsterism on ice for a moment. Even those who disagreed with the violent,  old school tactics admitted that there was no way to argue with the results.

No one except the US State Department, which was already concerned that suspected narco-traffickers were climbing to the highest levels  of the RSLPF. But now, even as things are mostly calm and quiet in the midst of economic contraction (if not  meltdown), St Lucian cops are paying the price for the tactics they used to keep the peace.

Word is, they can't even get their visas renewed. Well, how do you like that, Lovely? How do  you like  that?

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