Sunday, 28 July 2013



Police Face American Polygraph Tests, Bank Accounts Tagged and Flagged As Int'l Law Enforcement Creeps Up On The Most Dangerous Man in the EC

Millions of dollars in questionable receipts have been tagged and flagged by international agencies. Hundreds of thousands in his daughter’s accounts in the US were frozen. She was studying until she was caught in the American nets and hauled out of that country for her genetic association to The Most Dangerous Man in the Eastern Caribbean (at least that what the US State Department seems to think.)

The money beckons from overseas, saying ‘Touch me, Rico, touch me there’.

"Touch me, Rico. You know you want to...."
But he can’t touch it. The money has been flagged and tagged. It’s dirty. If he touches or moves it, his hand becomes part of the evidence. And the rest of his body will have no choice but to follow his hand to court, to jail, Guantanamo Special Resorts or wherever they have in mind.

The Americans won’t share information. They request information. They hosted Jeanine Compton a couple of years ago and expressed reservations and concerns but did not share information. They know something. They know enough. They have the evidence. But to share the information would expose how they got the information.


They’d rather let us suffer the consequences of voting to be a narco-state, which is what would have happened if Flambeau won the last election. Thanks friends. In any case, how could they share information with the allies of their enemy.

So instead, they pressure the police. They blacklist them from international training, seminars and conferences for participating in the politically directed extra-judicials killings of hitmen like Baj. They subjected senior police officers to polygraph tests.

They press us for more information without sharing more with us. They’re probably trying to suggest an independent investigation with outside forensic experts. When they get it, the investigators will probably be Americans and Scotland Yard people who already have more than enough evidence. They will conduct their little local theater, do their dance and then release a report that could have been written long in advance. All the lawyering in the world won’t help anybody then.

That’s how it’s all going to end.

Probably. Kinda. Sorta.

Because although there is a way out, he’s not going to take it. He’s going to go out like Ghaddafi. He’s going to have either his blaze of glory and or his protracted 15 minutes  of shame.  Either way,  the international media is going to learn his name. He is going to have at least one more big moment. He’s not going to fade away.
What's the matter, Rico? You don't love me anymore?


  1. Allen Chastanet's Chastanet's narcissistic excursion into fantasy is even more frightening.

    “Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it. ”

  2. nice quote. i like it. i'll keep it.

  3. by the way, Hax already sussed you out. you don't need to hide anymore....I'm not.