Sunday, 28 July 2013


Knights of the King's 99: "We lost? I was so sure..."
They were surrounded. Literally. In the Art of War, the situation is called Death Ground. It means, you have missed your opportunity to surrender. Or you were not in a position to back down. And so, you have to fight until you die.

They were waiting to die their last political death. And the Chastanet team was plotting how to bring them back to life.

In whispers and shouts, they told stories of manipulation of the process to choose delegates. As if their side did no such thing. Some went as far as to call the entire delegate process ridiculous. As though if they won, they would say condemn the result anyway, “Because 367 people cannot represent the base of Flambeau.”

But it was too late for that.

The joined forces of the old veterans (and old money) of Flambeau married with the grassroots organizers had surrounded them before they even knew they were being attacked. By the time Chastanet threw down the gauntlet (which was given to him by the old Flambeaus with a manual on how to operate it which said ‘THROW DOWN ON GROUND WHEN READY TO FIGHT’), pretty much everyone but the King clan and the Frederick clan were already on board.

Chastanet smiled his way through the process, playing the pretty poster boy for soldiers who had already organized an army, formulated a battle plan and prepared a road map for what to do after victory.
Still the same old Flambeau? Yes you are....yes you are....

After interminable waiting, (typical post-Compton Flambeau) the outcomes were leaked. The results took over half an hour to follow the leaked outcome. King sat in front of his core of silent seated supporters as the rest of the hall erupted in orgasmic jubilation when Chastanet entered.

Frederick’s angels in the stage right cornered stupsed. They’re not ready to accept this. They’d rather go independent. Which is exactly what the rest of Flambeau wants them to do.

Over your dead bodies, huh? Okaaay. But only if you insist....
Chastanet held out the hand of friendship before he took the stage. King declined, turning his  head away as though he didn't see it. Clinton Reynolds was probably the only person to catch it on camera. Later King hugged Chastanet and shook his hand onstage.

As Chastanet gave his first speech aimed at reconciling the party, Rosella seemed to clearly mouth the words: "Over my dead body."


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