Saturday, 13 July 2013


BAJAN WORD: Ecky-Becky

MEANING: Someone who is so damned prejudiced, they’d rather get crippled and retarded from breeding with their family than expand the gene pool with other races.

HISTORY: Ecky-beckies in Barbados were crucial in the self-empowerment of black people. After looking at the Ecky-beckies, black people in Barbados decided that it was better to be poor than white, stopped wanting to be white, gained self-confidence and grew a Human Development Index that puts the rest of the Caribbean to shame.

Ecky-beckies of Barbados, forced to find new gene pools to mix with, were forced to look at far as Eastern Europe for people who were desperate enough to marry them for their money.


"I like her. She has a nice perrsonality. But gorbleh! She too ecky-becky fuh me. Rashole!"
"Me? I cyah breed she. She too ecky-becky!"

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