Saturday, 13 July 2013


Yeah...blame it  on God...
God hates fags dead!

No, He doesn’t. You hate fags dead and you’re trying to blame it on Him. It’s things like that that cause intelligent people to think man created God and not the other way around.

Forget the dirty, lying, money-grubbing preachers. Look at what the Bible actually says about gays.
The first and only Rule against homosexual acts (not people) is in Leviticus. It’s very clearly. No sex with you mother. No sex with your daughter. Most other relatives. Your cousins, that’s cool, marry them and make ecky-beckies if you want. AND NO BULLING! The prohibition is against penetrative sex between two men. If they just want to kiss…

Leviticus says it twice: in chapter 18 and chapter 20. Just so you heard.

You think God likes that? You think that's right?
Later on, the apostles, particularly Paul, repeatedly warn the Greeks and them against these kind of immoral practices. Paul includes lesbianism, in spite of the fact that Leviticus, the Book of All Laws, says nothing about it. But Paul has no authority as a law-giver. He never even met Jesus.

What people who like this prohibition fail to mention is that Leviticus is also  the part of the Bible that says don’t eat pork, don’t hang out with women who have their period, don’t braid your hair, don’t shave your face and here’s how to make a blood sacrifice.

Now, let’s be honest with ourselves.

No one but the Adventists and Rastafari are avoiding the pork. Everyone but the Rastas is shaving their beard. All sexist rules have been recognized as cultural bullshit. Braiding is an African tradition that no church has the courage to speak out against. And blood sacrifice? What’s that?

If you’re going to take  the Bible literally,  you need to throw out your razors, your swine and your weave. Then you are qualified to use  the Bible against gays. If not, baldhead, you need to judge not lest ye be judged yourselves.

If you’re going to follow Jesus, however, you need not concern yourself with gays. Jesus never said a thing about gays or lesbians. You might almost think they didn’t exist. But they did. Their gayness just wasn’t on his list of Top One Million Things To Worry About. Now, if Jesus, Son of Man, wasn’t not worried about it at all, WHO THE HELL IS YOU TO PUT YOURSELF IN THINGS THAT DON’T CONCERN YOU?

Man has always, ALWAYS, made  a mess when trying to implement God’s law. The result is always oppression and genocide. ALWAYS.  Wise men realized, along time ago, that God’s law must be administered and enforced by God. Man’s law must accommodate and be tolerant of all men.

To do otherwise is a reason for conflict and a waste of human capital – did you see how ugly castles were before we stopped persecuting the interior designers?

The law of man, to be enlightened and fair must allow all differences that do no trample the rights of others. As for the battyman dem, if you think you have any part to play in burning fire on them for Jah,  you’re already living in hell.
Somebody's going to hell and it ain't him...

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