Wednesday, 3 July 2013



It’s high noon at the Flambeau Corral.

He's back from the dead to take his party from the Renegades who gave him hell.
The Renegade band that once had their way with UWP county have broken up and went back home. Only a few hardcore stragglers remain. If the Renegades ever were popular outlaws, they're not anymore. Now, they are the enemies of Compton. And Compton is back from the dead to get justice and revenge.

You see, Compton wasn’t just a guy. He was a symbol of something to the people who followed him. Comptonites each carried their very small piece of Compton with them during the grieving time when the Renegades took over the party. Over the last two years, people have been putting their pieces over Compton together, trying to remake the party without being detected by the Renegades.

Once the Renegades wereno longer burdened with the powers of office, heads of protest and reclamation started popping up. Conspiracy brewed and plots hatched. And from the list of potential contenders, one name emerged as the one most likely to restore the legacy of John Compton.

Ironically, that name is Allen Chastanet.
Chas: Playing along

If he starts to think that makes him important, he shouldn't. Chastanet is just the most convenient figurehead for what is really happening in Flambeau. King and his Renegade posse aren’t going up against Chastanet. They’re going up against people who want their goddamned party back. As with most memorable elections in this country, people aren’t voting for something. They’re voting against.

They’re voting against the Renegade mentality that they feel high-jacked the party. They’re voting against the mentality that Flambeau is not the party of Compton anymore, Compton’s time is over. Compton’s time will never be over. Not as long as UWP exists.

They’re voting against a leadership that made a series of unforced errors that led them back into the ignominious mire that Compton had just pulled them out of. They are voting against scary shit that no one wants to talk about, especially now that the US State Department’s concern is in public and on the record.

The Last of The Renegades
Furthermore, Flambeaus have accepted that Kenny Anthony is the greatest political figure of the post-Compton era. They want someone who can measure up to Kenny and in spite of liking King, they don’t think he’s the right stuff for that job.

It seems to add up to a Chastanet victory. But Chastanet must always keep in mind that what is really happening here is that someone is being kicked and he is just the lucky guy who gets to fill the vacuum.




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