Saturday, 20 July 2013

Flambeau Wants To Ostracize Him, But Labour Can't Beat Him At The Polls, So, WHO WILL SLAY THE DRAGON?

'The Big Bad Wolf.' Battle-scarred, but far from broken.

Richard Frederick has Castries Central on lock.

The United Workers Party already  knows that. There is no foreseeable future in which they will challenge hi for it.

Little pig...
Labour is still learning the hard way. They've sent Attorney General Vincent LaCorbiniere after him, they've considered Pel,  they've recruited Vaughan Lewis and went and got Stanley Felix, a former Frederick insider, hoping that perhaps someone who understood the enemy better would be able to retire him. He made three little pigs out of all of them.

Little pig...

And still, there he is, the man whose first election was called the most dangerous development in local politics by then and current Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony. They asked for a Big Bad Wolf and he gave them one.

My brother, my rival, my lil pig, lil pig, let me in...

Anthony has been promising that he has the goods on Frederick and threatening to release the hounds for a long, long time. Richard Frederick has been a sitting MP for seven years and nothing has come out on him except for  the stuff in the very public dispute with a Customs Comptroller and the very timely leak of US diplomatic cables.

Frankly, it's beginning to seem like whatever Anthony thinks he has on Frederick is a lot of bluff, because  the time to go nuclear has come and gone. Then again, Anthony does have delayed strategy syndrome where he does exactly the right thing, except the wrong way and too late (see 2006 general election).
Seven years of 'Soon come, soon come.' Enough! If you have it, drop it!

But as Flambeau re-organizes and struggles to put some distance between them and their former favorite maverick, it  has become clear  that  they cannot  be counted on to make any moves to bring Richard Frederick's chapter in local politics to a close.

If they could they would. At present, they are content to let him be a sympathetic independent, 'not one of us, but definitely and enemy of them.' It's all they can do.

If Labour truly thinks that Frederick is such a bad guy and that everything in the US diplomatic cables is  true, they'll need to shoulder some responsibility. They will  have to cut off the head of the dragon themselves. They can't afford to make political capital from his passive association with Flambeau or from any trouble he might make for them. That will cost the country too much. If he is such a bad guy as they say he is.

There is only one way to end  the era of Richard The Maverick Frederick. You have to take his fort. You have to take Castries Central from him. But Frederick, while giving ground to his own party's  strategy of forced containment,  does not seem to be any weaker as a constituency candidate. And Labour cannot remember a time when they were stronger in the ghettos of Central Castries than any Flambeau challenger.

The FLOGG can.

Who is the dragon-slayer of Central Castries?
And when it  comes to slaying The Great Dragon of Central Castries,  well, without taking sides, let's just say we know a guy. And this guy knows what it takes to win the heart of Central Castries from the people who bought it.

Yeah, we know a guy.

You know him? He's the only person right now who could have a hope in hell  of taking Central  from Frederick. He's the only person that Frederick wouldn't have a hope in hell of beating.

The Dragon Slayer cometh....or not, depending on whether Labour has the guts....

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