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The winner, the loser and King

From the beginning, Compton wanted to see the end of him. But he was the most inconvenient convenience ever. But now, that Foxy is back from the dead to take his party back, Frederick is going to face deeper, more stringent containment than ever before.

Frederick was actually scheduled to run the last election as an independent. King agreed. It made sense to everyone. Flambeau would not run Central. But, of course, that didn’t happen. Wonder why? Something to do with spine and the lack of it.

Is it back to green for Frederick?
But now that Chastanet is king, (get it?), Frederick will find himself locked out of the party’s inner chambers of power, at least until such time as he resolves his issues with the US State Department. Or never. Whichever comes first.

Both those who support him and those who vilify him agree on one thing: Frederick is not going to just bow out gracefully. Remember that this is the guy that the leaked US diplomatic cables said was willing to sell out Flambeau to Labour in order to collect a Communist Chinese reward. (Let us be clear that Marcus and Rufus were named in those cables as well.)

No one is talking about expelling Frederick from Flambeau. The party has neither the resources nor the courage to oust Frederick. If he can figure out how to keep Castries Central on lock, they might still be forced to let him run as an independent, unopposed in the next election. BUT…

They can’t afford the collateral damage anymore. They have to put some distance between the party and its once most powerful kingmaker. (Get it? Kingmak…forget it.) They think they are ready to pay the price for that.

Me? Halay kasay? Nooooo...
Many think the chances are good that he will use his considerable resources to make his enemies in Flambeau pay. After the convention at the end of this month, many are steeling themselves for the start of the mother of all halay kasay. (That means ‘a trouble that brings the house  down,’ for those of you in the Embassy who do not understand kweyol.)

It’s only natural. Frederick has never really lost at anything in his life. Not in any public way. He’s not used to it. He doesn’t even understand the concept. He’s not some samurai who understands when he’s beaten and falls on his sword. He’s more like a ronin-Negmawon-guerrilla fighter who sees defeat as a temporary setback. And revenge as a form of justice.

Chastanet has recognized what King would not (or was not permitted to). The party needs itself more than it needs what Frederick brings at the moment. He is preparing himself to ignore Frederick to death, making Frederick more irrelevant every time he, Chas, refrains from responding to the impending provocations.

Unfortunately for them, especially the ones, like Chastanet, who served in government with him, Frederick probably still has a store of political fissile material that he could use as dirty bombs to frustrate all efforts to exploit the growing unpopularity of the present government.

Back when we had it all under control

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