Thursday, 18 July 2013



Part of the raw unedited transcript of a whistle-blower who worked in the bowels of the Inland Revenue Department:
Wasn't me...

inland revenue would not have to wait for chastanet check topay govt workers
that shit went on when i was there
treasury would call every day to find out if chastanet check reach
running a govt like that
and SLP was in power then

ppl dont know these things
 a sorry situation
i worked there for 8 years
The gov't can be held hostage by the private sector
yes it was

and chastanet done know his powr
so i wasnt suprised they let him do whatever
he has the government's economic security in his hands
yes he did then so now it must be crazy
his son could be the pm
he will own the whole fucking pony
pony and the show

treasury is always broke
governments are just like 'hostages'
that's why the strike went on so long
st ucia govt has had a cash flow prob for years
there is no cushion

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