Thursday, 18 July 2013


Reading about Taiwan in the leaked US diplomatic cables is  scary.

Not his fault they were dirty

Sounds like they would have done just about anything to keep diplomatic relations with St Lucia while Flambeau was in power. Not that this is much different that Beijing, who reportedly offered to pay off Flambeau's renegades,  Richard Frederick,  Marcus Nicholas and Rufus Bousquet,  if they could bring down their own government and open the window for Labour to come back to office.

Ah,  foreign relations. With friends like these who needs enemies, right?

Still, we're not in a position to really choose our friends,  right now, are we?

And the position Labour is in, stuck with Taiwan, when deep in their cold, little Maoist hearts, they'd prefer Beijing (if only to spite the ghost of John Compton), is not  a bad position to be in.

Can we just be cool and move on? I want to help...
Taiwan hardly lends St Lucia money. Mostly they give free money to well designed projects. Nothing is ever free and we are obliged to help them get into the Red Cross or the Girl Scouts or whatever other international organization that Beijing is trying to ostracize them from.

Their free money to Flambeau from 2006-2011 amounted to up to $55 million, which is a lot of free money given our GDP. There's is no diplomatic way to say that Taiwan's money gifts to Flambeau facilitated a lot of Fockery with a  capital F. What Flambeau did stinks so much that if you call it what it really was,  you could get sued. The truth about them is libelous. That's how bad it was.

Taiwan sponsored UWP fockery and Labour called them out in it. But now, Taiwan and Labour have to lie in bed next to each other and fondle each other for the sake of the St Lucian family, how is Labour going to get over it's misgivings.

I'll tell you why:

Because in spite of what Taiwanese money sponsored, they are still the good guys.

Can you imagine what life would have been like during Flambeau's renegade reign without the Taiwanese assistance to soften the blow? St Lucia's renegade government was practically a leper to most international agencies, including disaster relief agencies. Everyone was afraid of their Fockery  and embarrassed to be associated with them.

Flambeau frustrated their every effort to do things right
It was not Taiwan's facilitation that was bad, it was Flambeau's agenda. The Taiwanese correspondence proves that Taiwanese embassy officials were shitting bricks over the little corruptions that characterized Flambeau's community and constituency development projects. They had to be concerned, if only for their careers. Successful foreign asignments lead to promotions for these guys. Fockery in the local government is an obstacle to their personal progress. And while they have to deal with it, because the last thing they want is to lose to China, they didn't like it.

Taiwan does not want as much as the rest of our 'friends' want from us. They do not see us a a new market to suck the blood out of. They don't want whales, fishing rights, safe passage of nuclear waste through our waters, the oil reserves 200 miles off  the Caribbean coasts. They have no worries about our ideology. they just want us to help join  Girl Scouts. Or whatever.

A friend indeed for a friend in need.

They have very few friends, so they can afford to give without wanting very much back. They pay top dollar basically for lip service. That's an unkind way to  say it. It makes diplomacy sound like a meat market.  But that's basically what it is.

And what do they give? Sustainability. That's the gift Taiwan really has for its friends.  How  To Fish diplomacy.  But only if you want it.  You have to insist.  Otherwise,  they will do only what it takes to convince Taipei that they have done their parts excellent and deserve promotions out of here.

But so far, we've only taken their money. We defined the relationship, they only facilitated. The corruption wasn't their fault. Nor is the unnecessary failure of agriculture. If we wanted agri-self-suffienciency, they would give it to us for free. We could have had that decades ago when they first established ties with the Compton government.

They would have taught how to grow banana sucklings. We would exporting sucklings instead of importing them from Israel. Millions of dollars saved and millions more made.
These orchids say, "We have not yet BEGUN to profit from being friends with Taiwan!"

Caribbean foreign policy toward the Chinas should be more defined by Caribbean needs and aims and not by what they have to offer us. They know what they want and they get it. Why should we? Our Chinas policy should consist of swinging between the two as is convenient to our aims.

Need a stadium - go Beijing. Need to boost agri, stay Taiwan.

We should make a regional complot about it: "You guys stay China for a little while longer, get the hospital finished in two years you switch so you can help us boost the cocoa production. We'll switch over to the other side so we can get our hospital and every one else stays the same, except you, because the decision depends on the outcome of your election." Like that, no?

PRC builds infrastructure. ROC builds super-structure. We need them both. And lucky for us, St Lucia is  in the perfect position right now to do what no other country has done before.

We're stuck with Taiwan at a time when we need agricultural revival.

But we're stuck with taiwan while our government is full of x-communists in a love affair with Beijing
so Beijing remains more sympathetic to us than to any country that has relations with Taiwan. They actually can stand be our friend.

We could be able to convince beijing to give us a ccouple of gifts even as we continue to hold  hands with Taiwan and be the first country in the world to have Taiwan and eat China too. (Get China....)
It's like a threesome.  The threesome that no one in the world imagined was possible. With two rich, hot, very possessive and troublesome Asian girls. Who happen to be sisters. It's practically immoral. But it's the 21st century. Who can judge our life choices without getting judged for theirs?
Damn! They know about each other. Guess I'm gonnna have to deal with it like a real man...

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