Thursday, 11 July 2013


“Rastaman t'row one stone and it bring a bad feeling to all wicked men….”

Amy Winehouse’s favorite beach shack would not be here today if hoteliers and developers around Cas en Bas had had their way. The golf course would have swallowed her up. Flambeau’s  cabinet endorsed the locking of the gates that barred the main entrance to her shack, forcing her clients to traverse an even worse road to get to the beach. Between the government and the corporations, the little lady was up the creek with no paddle.

But she didn’t need a paddle, she had a stone and a sling. And with one shot in the newspapers, she defended herself from the giants and philistines who compassed about her. True story.
Chastanet should be her biggest enemy. She should lament his ascendance to Flambeau’s broken throne.

But Lambert has a unique take on Chastanet.

Good ol dayz: When Chas and The Boss agreed on Lambert's extinction
“If not for him, I wouldn’t be here today,” she told the Flogg. “On the day the developers were supposed to visit the site, Chastanet took it upon himself to give them a tour of some other properties. They never got around to Cas en Bas. They got turned off by the whole thing he was doing.”

According to local developers, Chastanet was playing both minister and investment broker at the same time. Not surprising when you consider what the last government thought of firewalls.

The FLOGG found that a local hotel investment facilitator thinks he was shafted by Chastanet’s impromptu tour. That investment facilitator, ironically, is historically, a Compton man, a Flambeau, though not the ordinary tribal type.

It’s harder for him to forgive and forget than Majorie, because she still has something, where he lost everything he put into the Raffles venture.

The investors, meanwhile, didn’t like the fact that a minister of government was acting like someone with personal vested interest. They were polite with him, but what  he did was not cool with them.

Everyone lost everything on that deal.

Everyone but Majorie Lambert. After single-handedly turning Cas en Bas into the kind of venue that both discerning locals and visitors enjoyed, Cotton Bay planted itself beside her and shared the beach, the visitors and even Amy Winehouse – who lived at the hotel but ate and drank at Majorie’s.

The current government hasn’t renewed Lambert’s license yet. They keep saying everything is in place and she has nothing to worry about. But they haven’t actually handed her a renewed license to operate.

She’s not worried. Not one bit. Whether it’s Labour or Flambeau in power, Majorie knows how deep her roots are and what’s at stake.

The FLOGG, meanwhile, is watching.

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