Tuesday, 2 July 2013




The FLOGG is calling it for Chastanet. Barring the unforeseen, Chas is going to kick some Kingly ass when Flambeau heads to their Convention at the end of this month.

But why, MotherFLOGGer, you ask? Why do you say Chas will win?

The winner and the loser
It’s the mathematics of history and local politics. Don’t ask what that means. We don’t fully comprehend either. Suffice it to say that, The Reign of the Renegades is over. The Compton clan is coming back.
Compton was the center pole of Flambeau and when he passed away, the tent collapsed. The party never really coalesced around Compton the last time around, partly because of the Renegade element. The Renegades made a bid for power, luring many of the loose, inexperienced Compton faction. For years, it seemed that the Renegades WERE Flambeau.

But that’s not true. The Renegades were merely holding the reins while the party grieved for its crucified Compton. Mourning time is over. And now, it’s high noon at the Flambeau Corral.

Political convention democracy in St Lucia is a funny thing. Voting is individual, but for the most part, people vote in blocks. Delegates from each constituency vote for the same ticket of executive officers. When you count all the votes, you can see clearly that constituency delegates vote together.

When this does not happen, incumbents are in serious trouble.

When delegates start breaking ranks, it means the challengers are making headway. That’s what happened in 2005, when Compton usurped his successor in Soufriere. That is what is happening now.
In the end, it will come down to a ratio of about 11-6. That’s the same ratio Flambeau beat Labour by in 2006, the same ratio for Compton vs Lewis in 2005, and, of course, the same ratio Labour won by in 2011. Bets, anyone?


  1. History often repeats itself...so those who don't take heed are often prone to make the same mistakes.

    I like Stephenson King as a person but personally feel that Chastanet is a better candidate as political leader...kinda like saying I like Dwayne Bravo as a person but feel that Sammy is a better captain for the Windies team.

    I hope things go well either way and that the party can be revitalized. Not necessarily for Flambeau, but for St Lucia as a whole.

    I love your political reporting as usual...You referred to Compy as "the old fox" and predicted his return to power. Any name for Chastanet?

  2. I used to berate lawyers in politics,BUT after the mess these business men in politics place St Lucia in during their *fiasconance* 2006-2011, I fear business men in power more than I fear the bubonic plague.

    I am betting with my life that if St Lucia elects Chas as PM. Chicken-back will cost $15 pound the next day!

  3. Venom, if you don't mind I would like to use that chickenback observation in the very near future.

    I also like the thing about business-politicians and lawyer politicians. I never thought of that before.

  4. High noon at the Flambeau corral, gold Jason, pure gold. I too await with baited breath your name for Chastanet. You know we always like our politicians yellow, i think that was King's main problem. Maybe we should change to the format of NBA finals and go for best of 7-wins. Better yet lets just rig the whole thing.